Always do what you're afraid to do.

"You’ll walk a city street that your feet have never touched before and you’ll be terrified of getting lost and that feeling is what’ll help you find the way home."

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cool cyberpunk tip

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when referring to people, use “glitch” instead of “bitch”. call them glitches. say theyre being glitchy. not only do you get to avoid using a misogynistic slur, you can also imply that their negativity is an anomaly in the web grid of your life and thus needs to be patched


…I’m down…

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{ into the forest // darkness and light and bokeh }


David Levithan, Are We There Yet?

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David Levithan, Are We There Yet?

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JK Rowling posted a new Harry Potter short story on Pottermore!! (as written by Rita Skeeter) 

My heart is so happy right now!!

Is the last sentence hope for another book?

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Are we bad people for laughing at the mishaps of kids?

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The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack

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John Green's Birthday Book!

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John Green’s birthday is August 24th. This year, he will be turning 37 years old! He has been inspiring people for so many years now, and I really wanted to do something special this time around. So, what’s a better way to do that than to gather up all of his biggest fans and work to create…

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